Evolutionary Astrology

Life happens, and within it you find your own unique blend of challenges and opportunities. How you navigate the terrain of daily life determines whether you experience the challenges and opportunities as enriching adventures or disconcerting nightmares.

Your life is not the result of random chance. You came to earth with a purpose. Discovering that purpose is your task. This is the mechanism that drives the evolutionary journey of your Soul. It is your journey and yours alone. Each individual has his or her own orbit around the sun. Astrology is one of the tools available to help you make the choices that support your evolutionary journey. The information is available through the interpretation of astrology’s unique set of symbols. The ability to interpret this unique set of symbols is the basis of good, sound astrological counseling. Sound counseling can help you turn challenges into opportunities and depression into contemplation.


My Practice

Information for New Clients: Generally, I meet with clients once each year. Before our first appointment, I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete and return to me. The information that you provide will help me quickly personalize our time together and focus upon the issues in your life that are most pressing.

During your first meeting with me, we will talk about your Natal Chart, which is the chart of your nativity. Specifically, I will give you information about the theme that is apparent in this chart and how that theme weaves throughout your lifetime. We will explore indications from both your karmic past and your evolutionary future. This will take into consideration any unfinished business that remains from your youth and/or prior lifetimes. Next we will touch upon what is happening now. That is, how transits and progressions are affecting your life today and for the subsequent 12 months.

You should allow 1½ to 2 hours for our conversation. This should be a time when you are relaxed and able to concentrate on your Self. I am available to meet with you in person or over the telephone. In either event, I will record our conversation and give you either a CD or an MP3 download of the reading.

Please keep in mind that my appointments are usually scheduled at least two months ahead, and that I request payment in advance. Gift certificates are available should you wish to introduce a friend or family member to this wonderful life planning technique.

Unsure of Birth Time? Since the entire reading is based upon your birth data, the more accurate the time, the more accurate the reading. If you are unsure of the exact time, please let me know, and I will try to help you locate your official birth record. If there is no record of your birthtime available, there is a process called “rectification” which helps to narrow it down. This requires an additional fee. Please contact me for details.



Astrology Appointments

Personal Consultation: $295 (includes a recording, and a 12-month report of astrological events)

Please contact me if you have any questions at indy333@earthlink.net.


Ingrid Coffin has been a practicing counseling astrologer for over 30 years. She lives and works at Blue Sky Ranch in San Diego County and is available for private consultations in person or over the telephone.

She brings forth the depth and richness of spiritual knowledge through the practical applications of evolutionary astrology.

Her down-to-earth style, filled with wisdom, warmth and humour, provides her clients with inspiration, empowerment and the opportunity for deep transformational change.