Original quotes and concepts designed to take you beyond your habitual thought patterns.

Meta-Thoughts® example:

"Separate who you are
from what is happening to you."

"If someone wasn't watching,
would you do less?"

"You can recognize genius
by its willingness to be wrong."

Meta-Thoughts® are based upon the teachings of Ingrid Coffin, who has been offering programs for higher consciousness and intentional living for over 20 years. She is the founding Director of Blue Sky Ranch, a community located in San Diego, California.

Meta-Thoughts® is a registered trademark of Ingrid Coffin. All quotes are Copyright © Ingrid Coffin. All Rights Reserved.

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Awakening Aeon Tarot 3 Wands

Ingrid has written the compelling companion book to the newly released Awakening Aeon Tarot®, created by Marcia O'Hara!

Awakening Aeon Tarot® emerged from the new energy of the Aquarian Age, and is grounded in metaphysical Qabalistic symbolism, Ancient Egyptian imagery, astrology and the I Ching. The deck has 82 textured, layered mixed media cards and includes four extra major arcana cards, designed to help the querent find their way along the Path of Life.

You can view and buy the deck directly from Marcia's site!